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Aceites Llorente is a young and dynamic company, but with a long tradition. More than 7 generations support us in this sector. We combine our passion for extra virgin olive oil and work, with experience and tradition, without forgetting the familiar roots of the company.

The company

Aceites Llorente aims to make the tradition of olive cultivation, Spain, its small conquest worldwide.

Pedro Llorente founder of the company is a lover of the field. In the final stage of his studies of architecture, he began the commercialization of the familiar oil by the peninsula.

After several years combining the profession of architect and the commercialization of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, in October 2016 he left the architectural studio to dedicate himself completely to this exciting project, betting on product quality and good service.


The weather

The farms where the olives are raised are usually limestone soils, which together with mild winters and not too hot summers, and varieties such as Picuda, Hojiblanca, Picual of proven goodness, give the oils of the area special characteristics Of great fineness and personality.

The earth

Our oil comes mainly from farms located in the province of Cordoba, in the region of Guadajoz and Campiña East correspondingly. Among the varieties that are cultivated, the most characteristic are the Picual, Picudo and Hojiblanca.

They are fincas carefully cared for, of traditional frame, and of dry land. Wonderful wines for this crop that transfer to our oils the quality that differentiates them.



Its cultivation extends mainly by the provinces of Málaga, Córdoba, Granada and Seville. Its name refers to the whitish color of the leaves. This variety has the peculiarity that it is used both for the obtaining of oil and for its use as table olives.

It is characterized by its flavor and aroma of freshly cut grass, artichoke and aromatic plants. Its mouth is sweet, with a light bitterness and a final itch very localized in the mouth. 



It is the most abundant variety of Spain and the world. Its oil is highly appreciated for its high stability (resistance to oxidation), which gives it a high resistance to high temperatures in the kitchen and is suitable for the preservation of raw or cooked food.

Sensorially they are oils of great personality, with much body and with fruity of green olive, appreciating in the flavor the olive leaf, a slight itching and bitterness.




It is one of the great Andalusian varieties, with important presence in the provinces of Cordoba, Granada, Malaga and Jaén. Although its name is similar, it is a clearly differentiated variety of the picual

It takes its name from the pronounced nipple that forms the end of the fruit. Very aromatic oils are obtained from this variety. It is characterized by its fruity green flavor with notes of green apple and olive leaf.